Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The current privacy policy (along with the documents referring to them), inform you on the use of these data gathered by the Website and software Platform (herein after known as the ‘’Website’’).

The Website is operated by the company ‘’SustChem Engineering Ltd.’’ Based on 144 September 3rd with V.A.T. number 998916611.

Privacy policy explains the information gathering procedure as occur to the Website, such as kind of gathering information related to the Users (those authorized in publishing information) and the Visitors (those unauthorized in publishing information) and how these may used. These are referring to every User and Visitor using the Website. It is also valid for the files accessing via the Website and: (a) are owned or controlled by us, (b) are available through the Website, (c) interact with the Website (including social media) and publish this current policy. We are asking you, as well to read thorough fully our Cookies policy and the Terms of Use.  

1. Information gathered by the Website.
We can gather and access the following data from us either as User or Visitor / Guest:

  • Information gathered dealing with each registration or interaction with the Website via collection forms provided by us in the meetings, via mail or telephone. The kind of information can be found in comments published in the Website. The most common ones include the appearing name (which can either be a real name or a pseudonym), title, first name, genre, date of birth, e-mail address, passwords, phone numbers, preferred communication language and other relative ones.  
  • Demographic information such the ones relative with your industrial sector. This may be gathered by many Webpage’s places.
  • Information dealing with your visiting the Website.
  • Details for any use functions and services via the Website.
  • Details in terms of electronic contact or any other interaction between you and us via social networking.
  • Cookies or other tracking information gathered.

2. Cookies Policy.
Click here to see detailed info referring to our cookies policy.

3.Use of gathering information.
3.1.This can be used for the following aspects:
Α) Improving our Website’s services and operation and personalize your experience or providing you with Material of your interest.
Β) Be able to communicate with you for topics relative to the use of the Website and your opinion for possible alternations in it or its policies.
C) For internal business reasons.
D) For reasons presenting upon delivering as with the information or otherwise, as provided in this Private Policy.
Ε) Providing you with Material requested and agreed to receive including newsletters and marketing stuff.
F) Giving you the opportunity to participate in various topics of the Website.
G) Processing your application form for the Website and to verify the validity of information.
H) Your authorizing as publisher in terms of material published or comments sending to us (even if they are published or not).
Ι) In order to secure that the content and use of the Website is providing you with the best possible way for you and your computer or device.
J) Informing you for any happenings organized by us, if you agree contacting you about them and;
K) Access to your personal account.

3.2. We are aiming to make the Website more interesting and useful to us. Therefore, information gathered may be used for advertising tactics or surveys.

3.3. It is possible to share non personal data with third parties e.g. aggregated statistics.
(Further info can be found on Paragraph 8 below).

4. To which extend do we use information for commercial purposes.

4.1. We may use your communication info in order to inform you via e-mail information relative with events and services that may interest you. You have the opportunity to abstain from this procedure in case you do not want to receive such material.

4.2. Provided that you have given your consent, we may allow to third parties to communicate with you, mainly via e-mail, informing you about events and services that may interest you. If you do not want this kind of service, we ask to inform you either via e-mail or by the form we are using to collect the data.

4.3. Communication may be also possible via telephone or mail post if preferred.

5. When and how are we allowed to reveal information to thirds.

5.1. We can share information gathered related to you, including personal data as follow:

(a) When we co operative with a third party in order to support us in certain aspects e.g. Call center, webpage hosting, e-mail marketing etc.

(b) We may share this info with our partners for internal aspects. We also have the right to reveal and transfer them to (i) to a willing to be owner, co-owner, or new Administrator or (ii) in case of merger, consolidation, restructuring, selling of all our interests and / or assets or other organization changes along with possible due diligence process.

(c) We can share information under current legislation in following cases:

  • To comply with any applicable law, regulation subpoena, governmental request or legal proceeding, if under our good faith we believe that it is required or permitted by law.
  • In order to protect and secure the Terms of Use and other policies related to the Website including investigation of potential violations.
  • In order to secure our rights and ownership or related third ones and or:
  • In order to detect, prevent and in general of cases such as fraud, security or technical issues.

Furthermore , but always under current legislation and according our judgment, we may use the IP addresses in possible co-operation with third parties e.g. copyright owners, internet service providers, wireless service providers, and/or law enforcement authorities including the communication of such information to third parties.   

Such notification may take place without further warning but always according to current legislation.

6. What is happening with Material created by Users.

The Website includes a specific place in which you nay publish material, questions, comments, suggestions or any other content including personal information (of User or Visitor).

Either we or third parties have the right to reproduce, publish, distribute or use otherwise online or offline, User’s Material in any form device (both existing and to be developed), always with respect and confidentiality and intellectual property rights. Other visitors will have access to this content and the ability to share it with third ones via web.

In any case you have to think first and then decide on the information of every kind (personal data etc) that you will publish via the Website.         

You should bear in mind that we are unable to control everyone who will have access to the information which you chose as public ones, thus meaning we cannot secure that all parts having access will tender your personal data with respect.

That happens because due to our Privacy Policy which cannot include the information that you chose to saw in public, share or post on the Website.

In addition, we bear no responsibility in terms of accuracy, use or misuse of any content or any information from Third parties via the Website.

7. Alternations in terms of preferences and contact information.

7.1. After appropriate request (by you), we can limit the accessibility of your personal information to thirds via both the Website and/or the data base. In addition you can gain limited access in order to correct any incorrect information, provided that your request will be followed by a written document.  

7.2. You bear responsibility in keeping your Material accurate along with the contact info you provided when you first log-in.

7.3. You may cancel or alternate the way of communication along or with what you are receiving by following the deletion orders which are included in all our e-mails.

8. Techniques on information gathering by Thirds.

This policy does not apply for applications belonging to others, even if they are using our technology on gathering. We can, however, co-operate with Thirds in order to ensure that you provided all the appropriate information and the ability to chose between them. You must read carefully Terms of Use and Private Policy of Third parties, as to be aware of the tactics they are using in order to gather, store and publish (information).  

9. Information securing and storing

9.1. The Website along with Material are stored in a central (main) server located at The Netherlands.
9.2. We apply all available commercial measures in order to secure your personal data. We are, however, unable to guarantee the non licking of them via web, wireless web or electronically storing of information available in public, except these that you posted as User. We cannot secure information safety of Material which is transferred to us for publishing. You provide us these information under your own responsibility.

9.3. When you first log-in, you will be asked to choose an appropriate password. You bear full responsibility for keeping the confidentiality of this password. You agree that you may not use another User’s account, another User’s name and/or password, or another e-mail address except the one given to us and by any means never reveal the password to anyone third. If you suspect any unauthorized access via your account or password (by third ones) you should inform us immediately.

9.4. We want let you know that information gathered, including personal data, may be transferred, processed or stored outside E.E.. Legislation dealing with safety information may vary in these countries and your personal data may be subject to access requests from governments, courts or law enforcement authorities in those countries. You should know that we take any appropriate measure available concerning commercial rights, to secure that your personal information are handled with care included the appropriate settled agreements on transfer aspects. By using the Website or Information delivering, you agree in this above mentioned transferring, processing and storing in these governments, courts or law enforcement authorities.

10. Alternations in Private Policy.

We own the right to alternate or insert new articles and rules in this current Private Policy anytime and with no further  announcement (the so called ‘’Updated Transfer Policy of Personalized Data’’). You agree that we can inform you about the updating by publishing it to the Website, in such a way as to be accessible through Website’s first page, along with the fact that you may keep using the Website only by consent to the new updated version. For this reason, we are asking you to examine carefully the new updated version (especially the alternated sections), before continue using the Website. Update version considered valid when posted in the Website, unless stated elsewhere in it; in this case validation will begin from the date mentioned.

11. Contact for further information or complaints.

11.1. If it is necessary to get in contact with you, this will take place either by post or via the e-mail address given to us. In case this e-mail address is no longer valid (for any reason), you should inform us immediately.
11.2. If you want to contact us on asking further information or stating a complaint, this can be done by using the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Version 1.1

Valid from: 29th January 2015