Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

The current policy and documents referring to it, aim to inform you on the use of information gathered through Website and platform (herein written as ‘’Website’’), operated by the company ‘’SustChem Engineering Ltd.’’, based in Athens (144 September 3rd  Street) with V.A.T. number 998916611.

Furthermore, we are asking to examine and inform in Terms of Use and Privacy Policy through.  

The Website (and our third partners), have the right to use a variety of technology (cookies) which automatically (or passive) gather information every time using or visiting the Website and it is possible to alter or modify specific settings on your computer or device. Information include, among others, your browser program, the URL address which provide access to our Website, the section/areas/zones of the Website visited or used, your activities in it and the day and hour of visit and use.

Cookies are tiny data programs stored in your computer or device hard drive used by User or Visitor, but is unable to access unrelative documents and files of pc or device. Cookies are used for many purposes, included beyond others:

  • Enable User / Visitor in operating the Platform.
  • Remembering your contact data meaning that a User / Visitor will not need to re-enter all these every time visiting or using the Platform.
  • For statistical purposes in order to determine the most used and favorite areas of the Website.
  • Marketing reasons.
  • Prevent fraudulent activities.
  • Enhancing security.
  • Improve the Website for better personal service.
  • Content improvement.
  • Speed up searches.
  • Assess the magnitude of the public visitors and the way of using (Users and Visitors).
  • Providing personal content based on demographic facts of Users / Visitors including geographical location.

User / Visitor is in position to set up his browser in a way either  to be informed on the cookies or in some ways block them under any circumstances and  defunct them. However, it should be mentioned that for the category of flash cookies its defunct may be unavailable. For more information dealing with defunct of flash cookies you can visit the website:  All About Cookies

Visitors and Guests which do not want to use identification cookies, will not be able to access the services of the Website.

It should be mentioned here that third parties may also use cookies which we are unable to control. For that reason, you should check their websites in order to be informed on information gathering.

Version 1.0

Valid from: 29th January 2015