Terms of Use

Terms of Use


The use of this website and platform of data entry software (single hereinafter as ‘’Site’’) is functioning according to the following terms and conditions (hereinafter known as ‘’Terms of Use’’).

The company SUSTCHEM ENGINEERING LTD. (Address: 3rd September Street, Athens, Greece) is defined as the ‘’Administrator’’.

Terms of use do not apply to other websites or Administrators’ activities unless stated elsewhere.

We advise you to read both the Policy Privacy along with the Cookies Policy. They describe our practicing in terms of information gathering e.g. Kind of information asked from guests or users, why do we collect them and how do we use some of them if necessary.

By using this ‘’Site’’ you are aware and accept both Policies and the gathering and use of information to both of them. Furthermore, by using the ‘’Site’’ you are aware that alternations may took place in program settings or your computer settings in terms of accessing the site in order to be able to optimize the use of the ‘’Site’’.

We strongly recommend to read all terms of use before using the ‘’Site’’. By entering you acknowledge that you are aware of the Terms of Use and that you had access to them, thus meaning that you signify your asset and agreement to them. If you do not agree with the above mentioned Terms of Use that means (that)  you are not allowed to use the ‘’Site’’.


1. Aim of the Site.
2. Obligations for both Users and Visitors.
3. Intellectual Property Rights concerning the Website
4. User rights in terms of managing (using) the Site.
5. Links to the Platform.
6. Links from the Website to other WebPages.
7. Suspension or termination of access.
8. Events beyond Administrations’ control.
9. Guarantees and Disclaimers of Responsibility.
10. Responsibilities and compensation
11.Methods used in order for these Terms of Use to  interact with information – gathering techniques.
12. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law.
13. Other General Provisions you should be aware of.
14. Amendments and Alternations in Terms of Use.
15. Contact and Complaints.


1. Aim of the Site.

This website has been created in order to gather and collect information dealing with rules of safety on hazardous substances and mixtures from affiliated users  along with providing access, in form of specific cards known as ‘’WICs,  through the supply chain from the manufacturer or the importer to the producer, the distributor and to ordinary visitors as well. The so called ‘’Life – Read’’ system allows to the distributors of hazardous substances and mixtures (Users)  to import SDS documents (Safety Data Sheets) with a procedure which is simple and available from any kind of pc or other device provided an internet available connectivity. Every user must firstly create an account (log in) to the website. That happens once, and the user is permitted to both insert and remove document files. The Administrator through the software process of the system, reforms the data entered created edited versions knowing as ‘’WICS’’ which appear on the web in a specific website and can be viewed both from contracted users (hereinafter referred as ‘’User’’ or ‘’Users’’), but also from non log in simple visitors in order to benefit valuable information for the products they use (hereinafter known as ‘’Visitor’’ or ‘Visitors’’). The SDS documents along with the edited versions will abbreviated collectively referred to as ‘’Material’’.         

2. Obligations for both Users and Visitors.
2.1. The electronic concession of the SDS of the products placed in the market nowadays or in future if they are reviewed. This concession will took place by the user in digital format according to the Administrators directions.    

2.2. (a) The user should ensure that the use of the website along with data publishing on it, is in compliance with the relevant laws, regulations, codes of practice, guidelines and other requirements of government, governmental agency, regulatory authority or other competent body.
(b) The website IS NOT ALLOWED to be used by users in its entirety or partially in cases below mentioned, which are:
(i) in actions or omissions which are illegal and punishable according to legislations orders and rules or against public order or moral standards and codes.
(ii) for any illegal purpose including fraud or terrorism.
(iii) in any possible way which might be insulting, harmful, threatening, libelous or any other activity leading to punishable action (including pornographic or other immodesty stuff and any material containing viruses, Trojans or other harmful stuff).
(iv) in any possible way in which it violates or may violates legal obligation to third parties (including confidentiality obligation) and rights of privacy of an individual in every aspect.

(v) in any possible way which may encourage discriminatory or might incite hatred.
(vi) any abuse of information or generally content of the website, without necessary and legal permissions in conjunction with any commercial purpose, and / or
(vii) in any possible way which violates intellectual property rights of thirds or may promotes any illegal action.
2.3. When the user manages to operate the function of the website and especially in order to publish any kind of product and / or commends, he should comply with mentioned terms and orders.
2.4. The Administration has the right to dispel, delete or deny any information or content which violates terms and orders.
2.5. Although strictly prohibited, there is always possible for an illegal or insulting content to exist and appear. In case you notice that or anything similar you agree to inform us directly without any kind of delay.

3. Intellectual Property Rights concerning the Website.
3.1. The website has been created in such way as to be used by users and accessed by visitors (guests). Under specific circumstances Users may publish or even manage website’s material, while both Users and Visitor may download material in other computers, devices or even plane paper for their own private , non-commercial, educated or private use, providing the fact that they fully respect intellectual and industrial property rights since the Site’s Material receives copyright and related rights protection.    3.2. It is strictly prohibited to sell, publish, deliver, demonstrate, public display, create or use derivative or secondary material based on website content for commercial or public purposes. Moreover, it is not allowed for the material to appear and function via another web site in computer or other digital device for any purpose. Should the above mentioned cases violated in any aspect that leads to interruption of use whereas any copy of Material must be returned immediately. Any unauthorized use of Material simply means violation of intellectual, property, privacy and publicity rights along with applicable communications, regulations and legal practices.
3.3. All Material granted by Users is copyrighted and reserved and it is granted for the website’s purpose only. The Administrator manages the whole stuff with confidentiality and in a way that permits any direct or indirect commercial use,  along with disclosure and comments of third parties, in its whole or partially.
3.4. Identification of User to licensed material is permitted only as provided by law and in any case with consent from the Administrator.

4. User Rights.
4.1. If you are a User and comply with the mentioned Terms of Use we provide you for your internal use only, the limited, personal, non-exclusive, revocable, nontransferable license to download, copy, view via your pc or other device and use the Material publicly displaying in the Site providing the fact that you strictly avoid:
(a) Remove, alter or falsify any trademark, copyright and other intellectual property information contained.
(b) Unless you possess our prior written consent, you are not allowed to create  derivative works, distribute commercially or otherwise, benefit the Website or its content and use either Website or Material in a way which proves falsely any connection between you, us or licensors.
(c) Contrary to law and morality create an imitation or falsely altering product of other manufacturer  (reverse engineering), decomposing, disassembly, reassembly or by every aspect modify any of the Site information and data, software or other product, service or methodologies eligible for access via the Website or attempt discovery and disclosure of the data sources used by the Website to produce content, software or any product service or methodology accessible through the Site. (d) Insert or connect any code, device, technology or product to the Website or Material including, without any exception, devices use for tracking down Website and Users / Guests or by all means negatively affecting the Website, the Users / Guests or the Administrator.
(e) Generally use and benefit from the Website or other of it’s Material for any other purpose unless those specifically permitted by Terms of Use.
4.2. User rights are proportionally applied to the proceeding Guests in appropriate circumstances. 

5. Links to the Platform
5.1. We allow you to insert a link to your website leading to ours under the following conditions: (a) do not imply that Administrator or the Website approve or support your product or services unless a written consent of so exists, (b) your website should not contain false information, libel or by any different way (in our opinion) is harmful to us or our products or services, (c) your website should not contain any material which could be considered as hateful, offensive, controversial or otherwise objectionable (according to our opinion) and (d) will be owned and (d) will be owned and controlled by you or person or entity responsible for placing the link or allows the placement of it.

5.2. By inserting the link you agreed that you comply and continue to comply to the above mentioned Terms of Use. Regardless of anything that may be contrary to those, the Administrator still have the rights to deny these links for any reason and according to his opinion even in terms of general compliance to the Terms of Use.  

6. Links from the Website to other Web Pages .
The Website might contain links to or from third parties (‘’connecting sites’’), including web places which may have business relationships with us.

7. Suspension or Termination of Access.
7.1. The Administrator owns the right to either terminate or deny access to the Website:
(a) If he claims that the use may cause violation of Administrator’s regulatory requirements,
(b) If, reasonably, believes that you have violated or act in contrary to mentioned Terms of Use or violate our rights (or any third party),
(c) If you violate any of the essential rules and provided that the damage may restored, within thirty (30) days of receiving written notice from Administrator (if no action of restoring has taken place),
(d) Whenever within fourteen (14) days of Administrator’s written notice.

7.2. Provisions 9,10 and 13 remain active in case of disclosure, for any reason, of the current Terms of Use

8. Events beyond Administration’s control.
Administration bears no kind of responsibility in any kind in terms of delay or inability to execute its duties, as described in Terms of Use, if these are prevented due to matters which are beyond our control.

9. Guarantees and Disclaimers of Responsibility.
9.1 The Website and Material ‘ARE PROVIDED AS MENTIONED’’, thus meaning:
(a) Recognition that the Website may suffer from errors or falsies of trivial matter and agreement that this by no means is considered as violation in Terms of Use.   
(b) Bear responsibility for your own material, content and other related stuff being published by you along with any safety copies (back – ups) us to protect any data and information you keep in your account.
(c) The Administrator bears no responsibility for consequences that may occur in case that third person gained access to your account via illegally methods, provided that the appropriate policies and procedures are implemented in accordance with the prevailing access and experience.
(d) The Administration bears no responsibility in any case  considering hacking methods concerning user names or passwords by unauthorized third parties and  
(e) The Administrator bears no responsibility for matters of accuracy, content, legibility completeness or reliability of material posted by Users. 

9.2.Taking into account the explicit requirements and condition that set out via these Terms of Use and to the maximum extent permitted by current legislation, the Administrator disclaims any guarantees, terms and conditions either express, implied or statutory in relation to the Website or Material. Furthermore, the Administrator does not provide any guarantee for any material, content, software, text, downloaded files, graphics, links or results obtained by use of the Website. In addition he bears no responsibility for any loss or damage that may result via viruses or other malicious codes.

10.Responsibilities and Compensations.
10.1. The Administrators and the Users bear no responsibility in any aspect concerning the use or access to the Website, especially with no exception in terms of any mistakes or omissions in Website or Material. The same appeals and in case of unavailability (of the Website).

Moreover, the Administrator bears no responsibility direct or non-direct in cases of:
(a) Financial loss or  
(b) Harmful of  name or goodwill or           
(c) Specific, incidental and indirect consequential loss or damage which comes as a result of the use of Website.

10.2. Nothing in this Terms of Use may not exclude or limit any liability of the Administrator and cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.

10.3. Users agree to indemnify the Administrator in all costs, duties, losses or damages that may occur in connection with:
(a) Any demand of every nature for User’s content or other Material publishing by them or with their permission and violate rights of intellectual privacy of any third party.
(b) Thus appeal also in terms of violation of privacy stuff.

11. Methods used in order for these Terms of Use to interact with information – gathering techniques.

Our practices on information gathering, such as kind of information gathering about the visitors of the Platforms and the ways in which they can be use, are governed by the terms of our Policy on Privacy and / or the terms of our Policy on Cookies.

12. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law.
(a) These Terms of Use along with any dispute or claim that might occur from or in relation with operation and use of the Website, or with possible lack of action or omissions, are governed by and constructed in accordance with the Greek law.
(b) In case of a non friendly/compromise arrangement or settlement in any kind of conflicts as mentioned above, the Courts of Athens are held responsible for resolving them.


13.1. Unless stated elsewhere, information and Material on the Website are presented exclusively in serving its aim along with Administrator’s services. The material is, probably, not the ideal or appropriate one for every country worldwide. Use of the Website is taking place under User’s responsibility, and it is expected (for them) to be in full compliance with their local legislation and rules and taking into account that access to the Material may be illegal for certain persons or countries. 13.2. In cases of legal actions against the Website and the use of it, all relative rights and demands are barred after two (2) years since the year (day) in which the activity took place.
13.3. The User is not permitted to transfer or assign its rights or obligation dealing with the use of the Website without priory admission by the Administration. The Administration however, has the option to transfer or assign its duties. In such case the Administration will inform Users and Guests/Visitors in writing format.
13.4. Possible no action or delay in exercising any right or remedy provided by the Terms of Use shall not be constituted as waiving on them.
13.5. In case it is proven that any provision, in its whole or partially, is illegal, invalid or not applicable, it will be excluded from the current Terms of Use. The rest of them, however, remain active unless stated elsewhere by applicable laws.
13.6. All these Terms of Use are functioning as a sort of agreement between the Users or Visitors of the Website and Administration, thus they cannot be altered by any third party.
13.7. These Terms of Use are considered as the total agreement between Users, Visitors and the Administrator, thus meaning that any former agreements, plans, draft agreements, arrangement plans, commitments, secure contracts of any kind between all or some of the Parties, whether they were made orally or writing, are considered invalid and replaced by the current ones.


14. The Administrator owns the right to alter or reforming the Terms of Use any time and without previous reference (‘’Updated Terms of Use’’). The Administrator informs, in case of updating them, by publishing on the Website in order to be available and accessible via specific link which will appear in Website’s first page. In this case Users and Visitors agree to use the site following the updated terms, meaning that these should be examined anew, before further use of the Website. Any updating is considered valid from the date in which it will be uploaded to the Website unless stated elsewhere.


15.1. If it is necessary for the Administration to get in contact with a User, this will take place either by post or via e-mail if the user has provided the Administration with such an address. In case the address is no longer valid, for any reason, a relative state from the User to the Administration is essential.
15.2. Whoever wants to get in contact with the Administration for furthermore information, this can be done by sending an e-mail to Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите.

Valid from: 29th January 2015